Backyard make over

I like to tidy up cluttered things! For me it's a make over, changing a messy room into a nice one.

Frankly, I learned and got a lot of inspiration from TLC on a TV program called Trading Spaces. The rule is that the team has to rearrange one room (kitchen, living room, bedroom or other room that the owner would like to change) into a different atmosphere in just two days with one thousand dollars budget! It is satisfying for me to witness a transformation of dull room to become a neat one. And I also feel that i learned a lot of ideas ... Now it's time for me to implement it myself!

In my recent project, I changed the look of my backyard. It has been quite a while since I moved to this house and the backyard has been primarily left untouched. Finally I decided to make a little make over.

Well, what I did was just a face-lift, though: added a terrace in front of the window, cleaned up the walls and put the texture, change the wall color and rearrange the floor which include red color stones and a potted plant as a centerpiece. The bottom lamp was added to highlight the plant at night. The new look is displayed in the right photo.

Pretty simple.
But i like it. ^^