Simple Tips on Reading

Many friends of mine and even families asked me a similar question about how I teach Kayla to be able to read early in her age.

Well, yes!
Kayla has been able to read since she was 2.5 years old. Actually she has known alphabets and memorized it all since she was 1.

Soon after I knew the method how to teach her to read,
within a week she could read a lot of books by herself.

Now, my job is just to maintain her ability to read.
Here are a couple of tips.
Hope it’s useful …

Keeping Children Reading
- Having lots of books.
- Buy books at garage sales and flea markets.
In Bandung, there are so many second-hand book shops that sell good quality books in a mint condition such as Reading Lights (one of my fav book store!) or you can go to Palasari to get up to 30% discount for every book you buy.
- Read books aloud, including comic books and poetry
- Take your children regularly to the library
- If u are good at making impression, use that talent to make reading come alive for your children. For instance, give each character in the story a different voice of accent.
It works when I do Tiger’s sound (in Jungle story) or Giant’s laugh (in Giant and the Green Bean story) for Kayla.
- Teach children to read to themselves
- Have a special book-looking-at or story time on a regular basis
- Treat your child as a reader, sooner or later he’ll be one
- Provide reading material that is easy and fun for children
- Increase your children’s self-confidence by treating them as a reading expert in their field.
Ask your son’s or daughter’s opinion about the books they are reading.
Take their opinion seriously!
- Encourage daily reading by having irresistible reading material wherever your children spend a lot of time –in their bedroom, in the kitchen.
- Find books that completely absorb your children. Find magazines and non-fiction books about their current passion or interests.

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