Jiro Ono, Master of Sushi

I watched David Gelb's latest documentary titled: Jiro Dreams of Sushi a couple months ago. It's about Mr.Jiro Ono (82 years old) who for the last seventy five years has been mastering the technique of making Sushi. His small restaurant can only take 10 people at a time and we have to book three months ahead of time before we can get a seat. And even we get the seat, we have to pay for about USD 400 (4.2 juta perak aja gitu) for 12 pieces of fresh sushi.

Anyway, what i love about the film is that it's full of 'kata-kata mutiara' -kalau nggak mau dibilang petuah- from the Master. One of the good sayings from him that i still remember is below:

Because it just reminds me of how my Papa and Mama raised their kids (which is me and my big sister and li'l brother) with the passion of food.

Even when the term of 'wisata kuliner' wasn't yet spread widely which is popularized by an Indonesian Food Maestro, Oom Bondan Winarno (one of my Mom's childhood friends) in early 2000, I already experienced that kind of 'activities' since i was a child (in 70's).

Anyway, back to Jiro.
So, yes. Couldn't agree more with what he said.

"In order to make a delicious food, you indeed have to eat one"


-Vina Revi-
January 30, 2013

ps. Photo taken from unsungfilms, edited with an additional quote by me