Honey, I Shrunk My Body!

After an intense workout for about two months (Feb-March 2013), I have lost 12cm of my waist, 7cm of my thigh circumference, and 6kg of my weight. 

What I meant by an intense workout is swimming almost everyday (except Sat&Sun) for 50 minutes nonstop. Okay, not really nonstop, though. Because I have to catch my breath for about 30 seconds every four-six laps. 

On Tue and Thu I usually go to the pool (6 blocks from my house) around 7 in the morning after preparing breakfast for my kids and lunchbox for my husband. Well, occassionally I skip that job (cooking the meal) and hand over it to my husband if I wake up late. *grin*. Btw, it takes me about 20-35 minutes to go there by bike or on foot.

Since I don't really like the gym&fitness things (probably not yet), I do jogging in the treadmill for only about 30 minutes per day (just enough to burn 150-300 calories).

So, here I said it. If you want to shrink your body or just to maintain your ideal weight (I know, some people have such a privilege of not gaining weight no matter how much they ate. Better I envy those people, LOL), maybe you can do just like what I do.

Have a healthy life!
And good luck.

-Vina Revi-
'Random Snippets'
April, 2013

ps. Title inspired by 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids' movie