Martha Stewart, you just flipped me out!

I've known Martha Stewart since the last twelve years. At least from TV (Food Network, one of my fav channels back there when I still ive in the US) where she hosted a lot of Cooking Programme, Crafts, Domestic Chores Tips, and so on. You just name it.

Shortly, she is an icon for those kind of things. A diva. An inspiration for so many people (mostly women) about how to handle house works with a manicured hand. Yes, that's sarcasm. Because we know that it is almost impossible for us to do dish washing without breaking our polished nail or to play 'crazily' with our kids without ruining our hair that has been dressed perfectly. You get the idea.

Usually I don't talk bad about celebrities. Because I just don't want to. And I don't care (about them). Famous people tend to be snobbish. Most of them, anyway. But oh, my, was I so itchy to write this pieces because I feel so mad to Martha Stewart when I read about how she attacked bloggers on her interview with Bloomberg News this week.

Martha started to talk about 'bloggers', saying in a very elitist tone,"Who are these bloggers? They aren't trained editors at Vogue Magazine." (Note: neither was Martha).

"Bloggers are writing recipes that aren't tested, aren't necessarily very good or are copies of things that really good editors have created and done. Bloggers create a kind of ... umm ... popularity but they are not the experts. We have to understand that."

And it flipped me!
Dear Martha Stewart, you know what, I did a lot of work to prepare everything when I want to post something on my blog. But yeah, I guess just by spending years of cooking one cannot possibly be considered an expert without formal education.

Or just like Blogger Kimberley Grabinski responded, saying,"Somebody who has learned to sew or craft and has created great new, creative things is not an expert without a degree from the Martha Stewart school of trained pretentious wax figures." We are all experts in lifestyle topics in our own way. This is not a rocket science or brain surgery. This is making a muffin, creating a new camera strap quilt design, or knowing just which flowers to mix together. We can all be experts in the topic of 'lifestyle'.

So yes, Dear Martha Stewart. To you maybe we are not the experts. But we do research. I do a lot of trial and error (which means I have to spend a huge amount of energy, money and other resources) until I satisfied with the result. And not to mention when somebody try to steal my hardworks by just simply for instance stealing my food photos or scooping my idea (without even bother to put a link to my works. Yeah, I guess that's why it's called snooping), etc.

So, yes.
I'm not a diva like you. Or a well-trained editor for Vogue. But I did my things with passion, with all my heart, with dedication and mostly with love. Not just after for money, popularity (blah!) or to built some sort of 'Marta-ness' just like you.

Ou, and by the way, most of your recipes suck. Yes, your food are pretty and well presented. But when I tested it in my own kitchen, ironically it failed many times. I ultimately have to find similar recipes from the 'non expert bloggers' which, by the way, turns out to be much better than yours

So, your apologize by saying,"Big hubbub about me not supporting bloggers. Martha Stewart loves most bloggers who are great friends and trusted allies." via your Twitter is not enough. At all. Period.

Vina Revi
[Oct 18. 2013]