Nial Djuliarso (Reminiscence about the past)

It's really been sometime since our last meeting in North East US back in 2002. We were invited by Nial Djuliarso for his gig show in downtown Nashua. So three of us (Kayla, my first, was still a couple of months old) went to his show in a local pub. It was quite an enjoyable evening since we all like to listen to jazz music. Kayla was particularly joyful.

Nial moved to Boston to study music at Berklee. He was accommodated by my hubby who was doing his study at MIT and happened to live in Berklee neighborhood on Hemenway St.

I remember, at one point, my hubby drove me around this apartment area just to show me where he used to live for many years. He told me how Nial is not only talented in music but also tennis. Despite his many years of intensive training, he could not beat Nial only to find out later that Nial actually played in tournaments :). And here we go, in the twist of time, we get reconnected again in some way. To make the story short, please just enjoy it from the clip.

Ohh, that beautiful reminiscence, it makes our heart blooming ...